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Retirement is a project that begins before you retire and continues after. Our signature planning process, the Retirement Design System ®, is described below along with our other planning programs. These planning programs are uniquely designed to help you and your family accomplish your goals. With a refined planning process, and our team of licensed Investment Adviser Representatives, we help our clients enjoy the specialized service they deserve.

Overview: This planning process is designed for pre-retirees and retirees who desire a holistic wealth plan that covers every area retirement affects. This signature service includes:

  • Investment Planning
  • Income Planning
  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • Health Care Planning
  • Legacy Planning

How is this program offered? In-person meetings only.  At the conclusion of this planning program our clients receive their Sound Retirement Blueprint ®, which includes all of the above plans.

Who offers this program? All of the advisors at J. Biance Financial are trained in our proprietary planning process, the Retirement Design System ®.

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Overview: This planning program helps retirees prepare heirs for their inheritance and memorialize their family legacy for generations to come. This service includes*:

  • Documenting family story
  • Defining family vision & principles
  • In-depth legal review of estate plan**
  • Multi-generational family retreat
  • Inter-generational mentoring

How is this program offered? Combination of virtual and in-person meetings

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*This service is available for existing clients as well as families who are not investment advisory clients of J. Biance Financial. This is a fee-based service; however, discounted rates are available for existing clients.

**Completed by partner attorney. J. Biance Financial nor its agents or representatives may give legal advice.




Overview: This planning program is designed for young investors who want to jump-start their retirement planning. This service includes:

  • Student loan pay-off planning
  • Cash-flow management systems
  • Debt elimination planning
  • Tax-free investment strategies
  • College savings plans

How is this program offered? In-person meetings and virtual meetings

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